Cynthia's Story

“I am public speaker. I try to use my experience to help other people. I understand the importance of how we present ourselves. It is hard to take a person seriously when they have bad diction; due to a gap toothed smile that distracts from the important matter at hand. I missed my smile. I did not feel like myself anymore. People treated me differently. My self-esteem was at an all-time low. It is amazing how a smile or lack of smile can change your life so dramatically.”

Cynthia had been married for seven years before the abuse got physical. She recalled:
“He had always been verbally abusive, very controlling and vicious. It seemed that everything was always my fault and I could never do anything right.” 
The last five years of their marriage was filled with many explosive violent experiences that will stay with her forever.

“Now, as I wake each morning, I greet the day with a renewed sense of hope and joy, strength and purpose, then…a smile spreads across my face that is so bright, I feel like it could light up the whole world.” 

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